Different Type Of Wrenches And Pliers?

If we talk about the average toolbox, then it will comprise several pairs of the pliers and wrenches. It is a great combination which will help to tackle all the problems. It will help in bending, turning and holding, etc. we are going to tell you about a different type of wrenches and pliers which one can avail.

Types Of Wrenches

People generally think about what is a wrench? A wrench is an essential tool which is always there in the toolkit of the mechanic. Other than this, you can easily avail the wrenches in the home. There is a different type of wrenches available in the market which will help to solve the different problems.

  • WrenchesOpen-ended wrenches: when talking about the open end wrenches than it will open from both the sides. The opening of the wrenches is in U shape. Both the opening doesn’t consist of the same size. Both of them have a different size which will manage different purposes.
  • Combination: it is a combination of both the open end and box end wrench. You can use the combination in many ways. The wrench will comprise with the lope ends from both the sides.
  • Adjustable: as the name suggests it is the tool which is used to adjust or fix the things. It can also be considered as the open end wrench. The only difference is that it can be used from one end.

Different Type Of Pliers

Pliers are the one which will help to provide grip, position and even help to loosen the tools. There are different pliers available which are slip joint, needle nose, linesman and many more. We are going to study them in detail.

  • Slip joint pliers: it is one of the types of the pliers. You can easily consider it as the high precision tool which will help to tackle some of the difficult situations. They are a convenient product which can help to bend or hold the loop of wire, remove cotter pins and many more.
  • Water pump pliers: it is the group of pliers which will help to solve the problem. It is the product which is sold by the name of arc joint pliers. The jaw of the pliers will be inserted on the handle for proper working.
  • Linesman pliers: it is also known as electrician’s pliers. It is the equipment which is used by the electrician. It is the tool which you will find in every kit of the electrician. It is the best tool which will help to solve the problem related to wiring or sockets.
  • Needle nose pliers: it is the pliers which are used by the electrician working on the small scale. They are the one who will use it to solve the petty problems.

Type Of Pliers


We have mentioned different type of wrenches and pliers; you can check them out. These are important to handle the work properly without facing any problem. These are tools which will be almost available in the toolbox of mechanics.